The other day i was reading a suburban newspaper that referred to “king a prussia” and shit, i was proud.

Frank rizzo

Tonight i deposed the orthopedist who did frank rizzo’s hip surgery. Was everybody from back then scary as fuck???

“You drink like you have to forget something.”

— The saddest shit ever said.  (via suchvodka)

If you don’t have shit to forget, you haven’t lived long enough. Ain’t sadder than anything else, which is all of it.

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Arctic Splash Cartons: Litter Scourge of the River Wards or Works of Art? | News | Philadelphia Magazine


better to think of it as a massive collaborative art project than a neighborhood-wide complete disregard for the simple concept of “trash goes in the trashcan”


I love this. Artwork made for Jon Wurster which he posted on Facebook the other day.

17th and mcclellan.

Blueclaws expensive like expensive things, this year. Buying traps. Trap. Trap. Trap.

More el. And kurt vile mural buffed.

Where are you from?




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Troubling images show what could happen to Brazil after the World Cup

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"Troubling images" of ruinporn look fucking unbelievably awesome. The olympics might have sucked, but the art put on the debacle is beautiful. As sherwin williams says, "cover the earth."

i had this idea that there should be a 30+ St Patrick’s Day event, so that I can enjoy it again. Then I saw this 40+ nite club…

Divine lorraine

Fox 29 better stop calling her an eyesore. I’ve seen the ugliness of the outside of your studios. She looks better than you ever have. Fuckers.



i still think its 2012

i still think its 2008

I started a year in a document today with 19.