“Real Toby: So, how do you cope with loneliness, Harvey?
Real Harvey: Uh, did I say I watch television?”

american splendor

"how do you cope with loneliness?" is just about the realest question ever.


Frank Rizzo for Mayor. 

Frank Rizzo collection for sale at Professor Ouch’s Holiday Bizarre this past weekend in Philly. More pictures to come from the event.

i own one of those plates. i want more. i want all of them. where are they?

a case of tastykakes

is really such an awesome insular objective.


"Yes We Can!" Phillies second baseman and sparkplug Dave Cash rocks the powder blues for the August 21, 1976 cover of The Sporting News.


So I went to the City of brotherly love “Philly” to grab some footage of some rappers. Not knowing what to expect…. With the little time I had in Philly because I only went there for a day. The experience I had was od overwhelming. Like I went to the hood hood. North Philly Pen Town to be exact. Just me and my mans Dave. Dave is a upcoming director who’s a good friend of mine and helps me out with my DVD from time to time… The reason why I went to Philly because I’m a real big fan of Philly. Some of the best rappers came from Philly. Shit Beanie sigel, Cassidy, Young Chris, Freeway, Meek Mill, shit and more… During my time In Philly we randomly met Some official dudes who showed us there projects.. Niggas showed us wild love and started the phrase from Philly to Harlem.. Shout out to Don from pen town projects and Newz of obh for spittin for me..SHOUT OUT TO THE WHOLE PHILLY 

Is calling a sub a sub a florida thing cuz I am canadian and I have never heard the word hoagie in my life


please everyone stop spreading these lies a sub is incorrect & i’m getting tired of this flagrant disregard for the english language 

calling a hoagie a sub is an everywhere but phila thing (unless u call it a hero). bc everywhere else thinks they can rename what we invented. you are basically calling our champagne, sparkling wine.

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they can’t all be beautiful, can they?

sometimes the gallery feels a like a spaceship from a future that never happened. or like epcot.

is the nfl ready for gags?

this whole desean thing would be awesome, as an elaborate april fools joke on the redskins.


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This shit sucks. San Francisco is my #1 favourite…

SF has the most expensive housing market in the country right now, the average price of a home is almost a million dollars. So most people live around it and commute.

come to phila. we’re not “nice” but we’ll show you a good time. and it don’t cost a million dollars.

phillies win

carter’s liver pills


- my day as philacentric tumblr post