Aww man, the staircases in city hall are beautiful.

Once upon a time (last friday) we saw tim and eric and dr steve brule.

Victory Journal | Check Heard 'Round The World

Welcome back Flyers’ Hockey.

Dear keswick, please do more of this. Maybe wu next time?

There is a wiener world in pittsburgh.

Urinals with foot flushers.

Yes, i went to pittsburgh for 10 hours.

Yes, it’s as different as going to europe and using a turkish toilet.

Altho, this seems like a great lo-tech system for germaphobes.

America's Ugliest Accent: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis, Philly

Im guessing that the people who voted for memphis actually just hate to see phila win at anything.

Chip Kelly Profile


Excellent and fascinating profile of Chip Kelly by Mark Saltveit:

Kelly is a bundle of paradoxes – an egoless man with boundless self-confidence, disciplined and relaxed, intense and goofy, fun and moralistic, a guy who doesn’t care about money and makes $6.5 million a year. He innovates at the highest level of football by emphasizing basics and teaching fundamentals. He is all football all the time, yet when asked on his NFL questionnaire who has the most important job in football, he wrote: “No one. It’s a game.”

Philly fans had grown tired of Andy Reid’s demeanor over fourteen seasons: Chip’s as or more even-keeled, but fun at the same time.

who has the most important job in football, “No one. It’s a game.”

Somethings compel one to photograph them every time.

Dig the shoutout to loladelphia #philadelphia


Cedar & Fletcher. #fishtown #fishtownjuice #juicynunfacts #philly #philadelphia #litterati

Match made in heaven.