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Match made in heaven.

Obligatory clear day photos.

Beauty full day in phila.

Hi, I'm thinking about moving to Philly, what are your favorite & least favorite things about living there? What advice would you have for a stranger?

Depends on where you are coming from. If from nyc or other expensive city the best part is living in a diverse and cultural city at like half price.

If from a cheaper place, it’s that there’s more good shit to do, go to, than anywhere cheaper.

Downside, for some ppl it is scary. There is very real violence even in cool areas. People are prone to curse others out over smallest shit. But if you like honesty, you might find it all good.

It can be really confusing at first. Theres lotsa things we think are normal that are only normal here, or here and a couple other places. If you like people who are proud to be neither the coolest or richest or smartest, you might like us.

That’s the best i got.

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Septa, confusing the shit out of visitors and tourists since forever.

Can someone tell me why there aren’t more water towers shaped like milk bottles?

RIP. Market east is dead, long live market east. #septa, not even a funeral???

Dearest septa

I know why you are doing this. But i want to let you know that you can’t get to heaven on the market frankford el. And if you ever sell the naming rights, then you can go to…new hope.

Which you should totally start doing.

Market east and the list of places that i will always refer to by an older name



The pattison avenue stop
The fidelity building…

And they say suburban station is next. http://www.philly.com/philly/business/transportation/20140903_Market_East_Station_to_be_renamed_Jefferson_Station.html

Delaware Avenue…

I had both the gayborhood and delaware ave on my original post, but deleted bc i confused myself by the fact both still have sections of them called that, i think, i hope.