Blueclaws expensive like expensive things, this year. Buying traps. Trap. Trap. Trap.

More el. And kurt vile mural buffed.

Where are you from?




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Troubling images show what could happen to Brazil after the World Cup

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"Troubling images" of ruinporn look fucking unbelievably awesome. The olympics might have sucked, but the art put on the debacle is beautiful. As sherwin williams says, "cover the earth."

i had this idea that there should be a 30+ St Patrick’s Day event, so that I can enjoy it again. Then I saw this 40+ nite club…

Divine lorraine

Fox 29 better stop calling her an eyesore. I’ve seen the ugliness of the outside of your studios. She looks better than you ever have. Fuckers.



i still think its 2012

i still think its 2008

I started a year in a document today with 19.


Just saw my first hoagiefest commercial of the summer. Idgaf if wawa has the 100th best hoagie in all of philadelphialand. I’m supporting hoagiefest…i can’t understand why it isn’t a thing errywhere…oh wait it is, a thing errywhere that matters, and a couple of places near orlando.

Another great bar sign/name.

I have a soft spot for campers parked in lots next to rowhouses. Really, campers parked anywhere in phila.

I assure you that the hd social club is the high definition social club and bears no relationship to harley davidson. Also, it’s for sale.

"Off the clock" - great bar name, great bar sign.

The palm trees of north fifth.